Legal Challenge Filed To Stop Jones Execution Fails Supreme Court Muster

Apr 23, 2017

A legal challenge to Monday's planned execution of Jack Jones was rejected by the state Supreme Court.

In an Arkansas Public Media story yesterday reported Jack Jones’ attorney Jeff Rosenzweig objected to the jury in Jones' sentencing. Specifically, they filled out paperwork to show contradictory findings about whether there were valid reasons, or mitigating factors, to avoid a death penalty sentence.

His attorney Jeff Rosenzweig argued precedent in Arkansas is to grant re-sentencing when there’s been such an error.

"There is a chain of a number of cases, I think seven altogether. It’s win, win, win, Jones loses, win, win, win, and we think that’s improper,” he said.

He says previous challenges focused on Jones’s health issues. Jones an amputee and a diabetic, and Rosenzweig says Jones' doctor is worried the state's lethal injection drug protocol might not be effective on him because of his medication regime.

Arkansas is set to carry out two sentences Monday for Jones and Marcell Williams.